Disabling Spelling and Grammar in Fullscreen Mode

Hello, very quick question. How do I disable spelling and grammar checks in Fullscreen only, so that while I am writing I do not have to deal with red squiggles? I believe I had this option pre 2.0, and I am pretty sure I read somewhere about how it is an option in 2.0, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out (I’m pretty sure that its right in front of me and I am just not seeing it). Thank you in advance for your help, the LaL community never ceases to amaze me with its support!

Daniel Paradise

Hi Daniel,

There has never been a way of doing this, sorry - spelling and grammar are project-wide settings (via the Edit > Spelling and Grammar menu).

All the best,

You can toggle it quickly though with the cmd-\ shortcut. Just hit that when you enter FS to turn off spell (and grammar) checking while you type, then switch it on again when you exit.