Disapearing text

Had this happen to me 3-4 times. I write 3-400 words and, for no reason, half of what I wrote just disappears. Please help as this situation is very frustrating. Thank you.

A couple of possibilities that come to mind… there may be others…

You might possibly be hitting some key combination that is causing some unusual action to be carried out.

You might unintentionally be creating and/or moving between different binder items (documents, folders). Be aware that all binder items, for example folders, not just documents, can hold text. Whether you can see what is in them depends on which you have selected… and whether you have view mode (View button top left center of the toolbar at top of Scrivener) set to view just the contents of the current item or the contents of all the items in the current group.

Beyond that, try searching the forums (search field is in upper right hand corner) on “disappear”, “vanish”, etc. to possibly find discussions where others have encountered this.

Hope that is of some assistance.