Disapointed. I really lost my in

Sorry about my bad english, but i want to epress my inconformity about the deelay in scrivener 3 relese. Really understand you want to relese a perfect software, but no one software are perfect. I see in every relese you have too much bugs but not see sustancial changues. For example i see the spanish traslate very deficient. Really i do not see any advantage on scrivener 3 and i lost the interest in it. I prefer use the versión 1 what are well traslated and have the options I use,

I hope yourespect your users and give us punctual release dates, I hope you really work on the software and tclarify us a comparison which is better v1 vs v3. At least for me it is no longer worth having a badly translated scrivener 3. I sincerely feel sad and disappointed