All of my written text in my scrivener files is gone. Please help me. I am very saddened over this, months of my poetry gone. I even accessed the backup file, and it’s not there. Oh please someone help me out.

By the way, every scrivener file I opened has none of the content in it. I have over 20 scrivener files. :cry:

If I were you, I’d email support and if you can, make a zipped version of the project and attach it to the email. Also give them details of your machine, which version of Windows, which version of Scrivener, whether you use Dropbox or similar and any other information that might help them work out what’s happened.

I’m a Mac user, so can’t help beyond that, but someone knowledgable about the Windows version will probably be along soon.

Best of luck,

Mr X

Thank you. I did email support. Tell me, am I wrong or does the program populate rtf files? I found some of my writing in rtf files under my documents folder. Also, it removed the content from all my projects and yes I moved files out of my documents folder and realized something had happened, I restored them all. So it obviously messed up the connection from those files to the program, but I am not sure how to restore them.

Thank you very much

If you’ve got those files in another location, then the thing to do is open a new project and import them. They’ll have strange names that you’ll have to sort out, but you should get all the texts in.

As I said, I’ll leave to support or someone more knowledgable in Windows to take you on. But if you have the texts outside the project you will be able to recover them.

Keep your chin up.

Mr X

Didn’t work. Thank you though. My project files are small now too, I know the one in particular was larger. Something happened to them when I moved them, I didn’t move the project files theirselves, but for some reason there were bunches of files in my documents, it was causing an error with another program, I removed them, saw the problem with scrivener so i put the files back. But now all my work is not there and the files are empty. The projects have their names to the left, but the content on the right is gone. Just like I seen screen shots of others here in the forum. Just have to wait to they write me back. thank you for being concerned, appreciate the help.