Disappearing all question marks after Dropbox sync

Srivener after sync with iOS via Dropbox loses all question marks in the text.
I put a question mark in iOS, open in Windows - there is no question mark.
Russian language.

Analysis of the situation showed that the problem with the display of a question mark for three years and no it does not solve.

The iOS version hasn’t existed for three years. Any references to question mark issues that are that old refer to a different problem.

What happens if you go in the other direction, adding the question mark in Windows and opening in the iOS version?


When I adding the question mark in Windows and opening in the iOS version thats all right - it’s only problem when sync iOS->Windows.
The whole day I try different fonts, install them on Windows, upload them to …Dropbox\Apps\Scrivener\Fonts… but nothing helps.

Please send a sample project showing the problem to our support address.


I made a special project, saved it before and after sync via dropbox.
All the question marks, after the Russian words, and after the English had disappeared after synchronization. If you put two question mark, disappears one, one remains.
It’s very strange that nobody else about it writes. I ask, all users of the Cyrillic alphabet has this bug. EVERYONE HAS THIS BUG!


And I’m sure that your programmers can do it themselves, and not to make me do it.


Any news there? Send mail to tech support 4 days ago.

I’m afraid the support queue is still backed up after our holiday break. I’ve found your note, though, and will respond as soon as I’ve had a chance to look at the project.


Thank you! I will wait with impatience, like many thousands of Russian-speaking users.