Disappearing bullet points??

Good evening!

Can someone explain why my bullet points (specifically the ones at the top of my lists) disappear every time I go back to the page after clicking on something else in my Binder?? I’d also really appreciate a solution for this problem; thank you!!

I’m not seeing this, nor is it something I’ve come across other users getting, so a few questions:

  • Are these lists that you’re creating in Scrivener or that you have imported?
  • Have you checked the ruler settings (Format > Show Ruler) for the different lines in the list? If the indents are starting too far left, it might be causing the bullet to go off the page (so at least we’d know that was the problem, although not immediately why it was happening)
  • Is there any text in the documents above the list?

Since you’re getting this consistently, it would be quite helpful if you could create a new blank project, then go through the steps to make this happen and write them down so we can reproduce it and see what’s occurring; if it’s a bug, that will go a long way toward enabling the developer to fix it, and if it’s something else like a weird formatting problem, trying from scratch in a blank project may help uncover it.

Also please verify that you’re on version 1.2.5 (Help > About Scrivener) just so we’re working through this on the current release.

Hello, MM! Thank you for your assistance! (:

To start off, yes, I am using version 1.2.5, and I am creating my lists in Scrivener.

I’ve checked the ruler settings for the different lines on the lists: my bullet points are indented at 0.25 inches, and my words at 0.5 inches. I did change the bullet point indentations (not the line for the words) to 0 inches once in the past, but I quickly switched them back to their original settings a couple of days later.

No, there isn’t any text in the documents above the lists.

Here’s an example of what keeps on happening:

Let’s say that I just started a list. Everything looks fine, like so (the dashes represent bullet points):

  • ndsngfs fdsofn sdfodns ewior nwo
  • fewhnfbnwk nfioewnfkw fwneo nflwkfniw nw n
  • nfdas f
  • niuoehwn n iofewn
  • few nfwn
  • f nwfn gfwgf
  • fneofnw fwnmolfn kfwfnw jnfwlnfewl

I click ‘File’, then ‘Save’, then proceed to visit other documents in my Binder. Sometimes I make changes to those documents; sometimes I don’t. When I’m done with whatever it is that I’m doing, I go back to my list and see this all of a sudden:
ndsngfs fdsofn sdfodns ewior nwo

  • fewhnfbnwk nfioewnfkw fwneo nflwkfniw nw n
  • nfdas f
  • niuoehwn n iofewn
  • few nfwn
  • f nwfn gfwgf
  • fneofnw fwnmolfn kfwfnw jnfwlnfewl

The bullet point for my first item is gone! I re-bullet it so that it looks the same as it did before, but when I go to another document and come back, the same thing happens: the bullet point disappears! The only way for me to “fix” the problem is to re-type everything onto a New Text sheet and then trash the old one. If I’m lucky, the first bullet point stays. If not, well, you get the point, right? It’s a very, very annoying cycle of repetition!

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I can never delete the space at the top of a list without ruining the bullet point below it. I can delete the actual words and bullet points, but I can’t delete the space a deleted bullet point used to occupy without having to face Problem #1 (see above). Here’s a visual:

This is a normal list:

  • fsnignisw g gsg
  • gfwg
  • g fw w
  • uiwshbf fwn gdbfhgbks
  • fniwnf fmwklnf
  • nfew

This is what happens when I delete the first bullet point:
[just imagine that this row is a blank space]

  • gfwg
  • g fw w
  • uiwshbf fwn gdbfhgbks
  • fniwnf fmwklnf
  • nfew

The space itself can be deleted, but this is what happens to the bullet point below it if I delete the space:

  • g fw w
  • uiwshbf fwn gdbfhgbks
  • fniwnf fmwklnf
  • nfew

As you can see, the deletion of the space leads to my original bullet point problem. Even if I did re-bullet the first line of words, the bullet point would disappear upon my leaving the document; I’d have to re-type everything again on a new, blank page. Ugh.

This is really driving me crazy!! I do hope that there’s a solution to Problem #1, as Problem #2 (what I just described above) is essentially a derivative of Problem #1.

Thank you very, very much for bearing with me!

One more thing: This doesn’t have anything to do with bullet points, but I just wanted to know whether or not Scrivener has a way of counting two hyphenated words (like ‘cookie-cutter’) as one word. I’ve noticed that Scrivener currently ignores hyphens, which is slightly annoying when I’m working on long papers that have specific word limits (two hyphenated words = one word in the USA—at least where I am). At the moment, I have no other option but to copy and paste everything onto MS Word for a more precise count, but I really do hope that there’s a hidden checkbox option or something that could relieve me of such tedious work, hahaha.

Thank you for your time! :smiley:

Hello? Is anyone there???

Hello Iwould,
Not sure why forum staff said they cannot replicate… I just did out of curiousity. If the first line is bullet pointed the bullet is removed after the program is closed then re-opened. Having a play around to see what can be done.

If you bring up the ruler and push the first line indent (top one on left) to the far left it stops getting rid of your bullet point.

Apologies for the delayed response. Shass, I said I couldn’t reproduce it because I couldn’t. :slight_smile: And I still am not able to, so there seems to be something about the specific layout or editor settings that my testing project does not have. Could one of you share a screenshot of the Scrivener project Window the way it is when you create the list and then return to encounter the problem of the missing bullet? Following the comment about the ruler and indent, I’ve tried having the ruler closed, moving the indent further right, and some other combinations, but the bullet points are still sticking even when closing and reopening the project. A copy of the Options settings would potentially be helpful to. You can get this by going to Tools > Options and clicking the “Manage” button, then saving the preferences and uploading that .prefs file here (you may need to zip it first; right-click the file and choose “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”). Thank you!


is this problem verified and on the bug list by now?

I just ran into this bug myself:

  1. I downloaded Scrivener and went through the tutorial.
  2. Then I started a blank project.

(I didn’t change any options!)

  1. I imported an existing Word document (docx, Word 2010).

(The auto-splitting was unsatisfactory so I started to split the Word document manually.)

  1. I created a text node with two child text nodes.
  2. I copied two lists (two and three bullet points) into the two child text nodes.

(The bullet points were broken, i.e., displayed as empty squares.)

  1. I re-bulleted the list by placing the mouse cursor in each line and clicking on the list icon twice.

(The list were correctly displayed at this point!)

  1. I went to the parent text node in the binder and switched to the Scrivenings mode.

The bullets of the first line in each list were gone.

Whenever I move to a child text node, re-bullet the first line, and then move out of the node and back into the node, then the bullet of the first line item is gone again.

Thanks, this is logged. You may be able to work around the problem by having some other text before the list in the document, or by not removing and reapplying the list formatting as immediately, i.e. removing the formatting during one session and then don’t reapply the list formatting until you’ve closed and reopened the project (to ensure the document isn’t working from a cached copy).

For what it’s worth, as a separate point, you should be able to fix the bullets in one go by selecting the entire list and then setting the formatting directly to the list style you want (click and hold on the triangle part of the list button) rather than toggling each item individually.

I have just discovered a different situation that causes a complete disappearance of lists.
I just happened to check my compiled mobi books in a Kindle set to view with a black background, and some of my bulleted and enumerated text is invisible as it is still black text, wheras Kindle manages the rest of the text colour to suit the background choice.
So Lists have a forced font colour, but not all the time?
Any suggestions

Bullets black background.GIF

Bullets white background.GIF

I’m also seeing the “disappearing bullet points” issue with As previously reported, it happens in the first item of the list, when there’s no text before that item (it is the first thing in the text).