Disappearing Bullets

I created bulleted lists in several documents and they were preserved during the current session, but when I closed the project and reopened it the next day, ALL my bullets in all documents disappeared. The text retains the indents but the bullet symbols were gone.

Im using Windows Vista Business SP2 32-bit

I’m currently using Scrivener 1.55 and I can confirm that behaviour. It’s even worse: the bullets disappear after selecting a different document in the Binder, no restarting needed. This is what is happening: I format a few paragraphs with bullets, I click on a different document in the Binder, I return to the previous document, and all my bullets are gone. No one remains.

The bullets disappear on documents originally formatted in Word, exported to Scrivener 2 in Macintosh and, from there, opened from Scrivener Beta for Windows. I have lost almost all the Word formatting in the process, except for indents.

I can also confirm that the bullets assigned in documents created from Scrivener 1.55 won’t disappear until Scrivener is restarted. After that, they’re gone.

I have to concur with everything that was written here about that particular bullet list bug. I’m using Windows 7 Premium and Scrivener 1.55 and this keeps occurring for me as well.

I have gotten over the missing bullets, I know this is a beta. And I also know that there are more important issues that need to be addressed. So I just wanted you guys to be aware of it.

thank you and keep up the good work I cannot wait for the released version to appear !


Whoops. I accidentally posted a new bug on this. It happens for me if I don’t save every time I create a list, be it bulleted, numbered, whatever. It will disappear on me if I don’t save every time I create one.

Of course, as you have experienced, they go away every time I go back into Scrivener. Thanks for putting this out there. Sorry I duplicated. I thought I couldn’t find one that was already out here.

Same version of Windows as you; 7 home premium 64-bit.

Michelle Dear

List code has been revamped in beta 6; check the announcements in this board for download detail and see if you still get these issues after upgrading.

Just tested and posted new bug; new behavior, that is, with directions.

Thanks Amber!

Thanks for the updated report!