Disappearing Dock Icon

Hey guys!

I’ve just installed a trial of Scrivener, but I’m pretty convinced I’ll buy it in a few days. But I have a problem…
When I put the application into the Dock, it disappears after about 1 to 4 seconds! If I don’t have it in the Dock, launch it (so it is on the last position), I R-click it and check the “keep it in the Dock”, close application… and after 1-4 seconds it disappears. I’ve tried removing com.apple.dock.plist and apple.dock.db and reseting Dock completely but it still doesn’t help. I have this problem with just two applications - OmniOutliner Pro and Scrivener. On the other hand I have those apps on my other computer (macbook) and there’s absolutely no problem with them.

Do you know what can be the problem here?

Thanks in advanve,

Weird! It almost sounds like an OS X Server override of a managed client. (I think you can ban certain items in the Dock via Managed Preferences in OS X Server.)

Not to sound insulting, but you did copy the scriv app from the DMG into the applications (or other folder) on your internal drive, right?

Jaysen, no problem, I understand I could have made the silliest mistake possible :wink: But sadly not this one, the Scrivener.app is right on my Macintosh HD in Applications, that’s where I take it from every time I try to make it stick to the Dock :slight_smile:

Jebni, sadly I have no idea what are you talking about, I’m probably not the most knowledgeable Mac user in the world :wink: Could you explain it step by step please? But I don’t even know what is OS X Server, so I’m not sure if I was able to change anything there. Although I use Onyx sometimes, and I’ve also used it to change my Dock preferences. Could Onyx accidentally do something like this?

To put Jebni’s question another way: Are you working in a computer lab, or in some other situation where your computer is networked to a bunch of other Mac systems and you do not own the computer? If you are just at home and have your Mac plugged into the wall, then it is highly unlikely that any of that is relevant.


Yeah, that could be the case… but on macrumors noone have solved his problem as well :frowning:
Do you guys have any other ideas how could I repair it? Or maybe there’s a way to just restart ALL of the system preferences? I could set those things again, that’s not a problem. But installing all the software, moving gigs of files etc is :confused:

AmberV, thanks for clarifying. My Mac is used only at home.