Disappearing Document

I’m using Scrivener to write my PhD thesis, and my transfer chapter is due in the next few weeks. However, whenever I compile the chapter for export, the text content of one section seems to disappear. The title of the section is rendered, but then there’s just a page break and then the next subdocument starts on the new page. This happens regardless of export format (the same result in Word, PDF and direct printed copies). Interestingly, if I switch to page view in Scrivener, it shows the section heading, then a blank page, then starts to show that section’s text before visually cutting off partway through a line and substituting the rest of the document’s 3000-odd words with another blank page. Hopefully the attached screengrab illustrates this phenomenon. Copying and pasting the text into a new section or even into Word doesn’t fix it. My only workaround has been to export everything except that section, copy-paste the text body into Pages, where all of my footnotes and formatting break and for some reason it crams it into one cell of a table, and then copy-paste that into the exported compilation (and then spend a few hours fixing its formatting). Any help would be appreciated.

I think the answer may be in what you said about copying it into Pages. Somehow, you have inadvertently put the text of that document into a single-cell table, and Scrivener baulks at cells that go over page boundaries.

Open that one document in single-view, highlight all, then go to Format → Table and if ‘Remove Table’ is not greyed out, there’s your answer.

Someone might have other suggestions.



View → Text Editing → Show Invisibles will also reveal tables and similar hidden formatting.