Disappearing footnotes (compile to pdf)

I use Scrivener for my PhD thesis and make extensive use of footnotes. In some cases, footnotes are long, with many literature references.

Under certain circumstances, a footnote is not included in the compile. I attach a pdf with an example. You will notice that footnote 3 carries over to the next page - as it should - and that the compiler continues with footnote 5 on the next page.

Where is my footnote 4?
lorum ipsum.pdf (54.7 KB)

Since this PDF looks to have been generated with sample data, would it be possible to get a copy of the test project you used to generate the PDF? That would make it very easy for us to see the problem first hand and fix it. Just use File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To… to save the project with zip compression and attach it to a response here.

It does look like you found an edge case that is dropping footnote data.

Hi AmberV, thank you. Please find attached.

2017 Thesis.zip (784 KB)

Many thanks! Easy enough to reproduce; I’ll send a copy to the programmer once he’s off holiday. Meanwhile if you’re in a dire deadline state, this is purely a layout issue with our bespoke PDF footnote code. Sending off a copy as RTF to a desktop publishing / word processing program will produce a much better result.