Disappearing paragraph tabs

I’m using the Scrivener beta for NaNoWriMo and so far, I totally love it. I typed my first two chapters at midnight, then saved the file and closed Scrivener for the night.

However, when I returned to my document, I noticed that all paragraph tabs of the text I had previously typed had disappeared. They were just gone, and all text was outlined to the left side of the document. Obviously, this sucks, big time.

Is this a bug (and thus, in the wrong subforum, sorry in that case), or did I do something wrong? I’d love to have some help on it, because if I keep having this problem, I might want to return to MS Word instead.

You’re not doing anything wrong; it’s definitely a bug. Lee has logged it, and is working on it, along with other rich text parsing problems.

Oh cool, I thought this was a bug. Good to know it’s been logged already.

I was just wondering the same thing! Thanks so much :slight_smile: