Disappearing text appearing in snapshot, Beta 1.0[FIXED]

So, I’m still running the Beta 1.0, since I was too lazy to download the updated one, but something weird just happened… I had outlined my Nanowrimo on Google Notebooks before I downloaded Scrivener, so I decided to copy and paste the stuff I had on the website and it did so just fine, but then I switched to another document and then switched back to the outline only to discover that some of my blocks of text were missing. I marked it in my head as semi odd, but also thought that it was possible that I just hadn’t copied those few ‘cards.’ So, I went on working on the other document and then went back to the first one again. And then I noticed that even more text was missing, because I know I spotted card number 12 during the first disappearance and, therefore, I was not crazy. There was something wrong.

So, I took a snapshot before I did anything and found, to my surprise, that all of the missing text shows up in the snapshot! … And then now, I just clicked on the full screen, and then exited out of it and all of my missing text has shown up. And then I click onto the second document and the same thing happens again… Snapshot, with my actual outline blotted out: here. I can also send in the file if you need it.

Anyway, I’m not so sure that any of this is useful, given how I’m still on 1.0, but I figured that I would post it anyway. :smiley:

It seems to a recurring error in various configurations of copying&pasting into Scrivener. I believe the bug has been logged and Lee is attempting to get to the bottom of it.

Cool. I did kind of think that this was an older sort of bug, but then the forums have gotten slightly more confusing than the first day and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. :smiley:

I’m glad that the missing text appears in the snapshot. I admit I feel uncomfortable when the text suddenly vanishes as I switch from small window to full screen.

I read the updates, and I apologize if this comment is in the wrong place, but I didn’t want to start a new thread about this missing text issue, rather add my experience to it. Something bothered me in the updates. It says:

Missing Text
We [are] thinking it could have something to do with the ‘Split at Selection’ feature. An easy way to test this with missing test would be to perform a split at selection, then quit Scrivener, restart, and see if you can see any missing sections…

My text disappears when I simply change from full screen to a small window, and it did this way before I split the text. This makes me think that it is not related to the Split at Selection feature mentioned. Wouldn’t I have had to split the text first for that to be affecting it? I am using the very first Beta 1 (life has been getting in the way of my writing this week, sadly) and since my text is brief, I know exactly what is appearing and disappearing, since it’s the same thing every time. I don’t know if this will help, but I can send the text to the developers if they want to see it.

In addition, there is a very long space where the text should be, but it isn’t as long as the text actually is.

Edit: I just saw the post that says to send these samples in. Will do so.