Disappearing text on notecards

Today as I was working on a piece, I decided to move the text from the document notes section to the synopsis section (note card at top right), and it disappeared. I clicked undo and it undid what happened, but the text continued to disappear, even when I tried it in other folders. I don’t know whether or not this is a bug, or just the way the program works, but I thought I would report it anyway :slight_smile:. Thanks scrivener team!

It definitely doesn’t sound normal, no. Could you describe in a little more detail–step by step instructions would be great–what you’re doing?

Sure thing. Okay, so you know what I am talking about doc. notes and synopsis, right? Well, I selected the text with my mouse, and click-dragged it up to the synopsis (note card) up at the top right hand corner, and when I drop it, it stays for about two seconds, then vanishes (Note: it does not return to where I dragged it from, but completely vanishes until I undo the action). I tried right clicking and using cut+paste/copy+paste, and both times the text did what it was supposed to and stayed where I pasted it. It is just the drag-dropping that makes the text disappear. Does that help at all?

Ha, that helps immensely; I’ve replicated it now. Thanks! I suspect this is an issue with the synopsis being a form field. You used to obviously not be able to drag text to it, but with the latest release fixed so that you don’t have to double-click there before typing, it’s making it seem like it should allow dragged text…but then not doing it. (You can’t drag text there from anywhere else, either). I’ve got it on the list.

Use cut and paste for the time being. Ctrl-X and Ctrl-V shouldn’t be too much more work and it will keep your text from getting lost.

Great! That’s not a problem at all; I am just excited for the bugs to get worked out so that Scrivener can be released soon. Thanks again, MM. Good luck!