Disappearing text

I’ve just upgraded to Scriverner 2. In the screenwriter mode I resized my de-facto Courier 12 to 16 and found the top part of the text missing. I tried it at 18 and even more of the top of the text had disappeared. At 24 there was no text at all! At 12 point there is no problem. I tried a couple of other fonts and had the same problem.
This is the first time I’ve tried the screenwriter mode and I’m using the standard template supplied. I had no problem writing text in the novel mode before upgrading. I’m using Snow Leapoard with the latest update and a Japanese keyboard in English mode.

That sounds like a known behaviour with the text layout engine. If a line at the top of the document has a hard-coded line-height and its font size is increased it can rise above the editor box and disappear. If you try this in the middle of the document, it may cause text overlapping. This is only logical because you are requesting that the text engine cram 18pt text into a 12pt height line. At the top of the document, there is nowhere for the extra pixels to go—so they get cut off.

A better way to increase the legibility of fonts in scriptwriting is to use the Zoom function in the footer bar. Change it to 150% or so and see if that is better.