Disappearing Text

I recently switched from Windows to Mac. Happily used PageFour for years, started a project on Scrivener (2.8.1) about a month ago. I am having trouble with one particular page. Some of the text disappeared from it overnight. I replaced the text, saved the project, closed the program (and saved on close), and the next day the same text had disappeared again! Or the inserts didn’t take.The disappearances all occurred in passages like this:

0:02:55.0/not like the mayor (John Hess), that’s the town chair

The numbers are automatically inserted from another program–a time stamp. The text that disappears is the slash and two or three lines of text following it.

I am not syncing with Dropbox or anything else, not saving to the cloud at all. Any idea what has caused this? I was happily making the switch to Scrivener, getting ready to buy it, but after this happened twice (and a little web searching) I don’t feel like I can trust it.

Thanks for any help, ML

How is the time stamp being inserted? Is the other program editing your project’s component files directly?


I am running an audio file transcription program, Express Scribe. It allows me to copy the time stamp to my clipboard, then I paste it into my Scrivener document. Command-T copies the time stamp, Command-V pastes it. Then I enter the text by typing. It all appears right and normal, I close the document, and when I go back to it lines of text have disappeared. The slash also disappears.