Disappearing Text!

I’ve just received my MacBook Pro back from the Shop and reinstalled Scrivener only to find that I can’t seem to access any of my text on any files! I see my headings in the list on the left, but when I click on each one, the title disappears and I only see lines like this ----------- where text should be. The only way I can see my text is when I click on Corkboard, but when I click on each card, the text disappears!

Could it be that I created the files in an older version of Scrivener, and I need to reinstall that version? If not, could I be trying the wrong view? Any help greatly appreciated. I’ve been waiting and waiting to use Scrivener again, where I’ve had a book project waiting, and I’m afraid if I continue to search for my text, I will lose all of it.

Thank you!

It sounds like you might have only restored part of your projects from the backup. If you’re using a backup system that isn’t Mac-based, like something online, then Scrivener projects will be displayed as folders. It is important to download the entire folder ending in “.scriv” together. If you just download the .scrivx say, then all you’ll get is the binder information, not the content.

I see! That does sound right, as I backed up the files on OneDrive, and now the individual folders are saved in another folder, separate from the file ending in “.scriv.” If I can bother you a bit further: how do I download the files together?

I’m sorry I know nothing about OneDrive. Presumably it has a way of downloading entire folders however? If so, then it would be no different when downloading a project. It literally is a folder, the only time it doesn’t act like one is when viewed on a Mac that has Scrivener installed.

OK. Thank you very much! :smiley: