Disappointed by rudimentary formatting options

I’ve just picked up Scrivener and am hoping to use it to prepare a historical work. Generally I like the program, but a couple of formatting issues–including the apparent inability to create block quotes in the windows version–are rather frustrating.

Am I missing a way to do this? There seems to be a way in the Mac version.

You can display the ruler (Ctrl+Shift+R, or Format > Show Ruler), select the text you want to block, and adjust the margins with the ruler. That might help, though it’s not as good as a full-on block-quotation feature.

This is, in fact, no different to how the Mac version does it, except that the Mac version 2.0 allows you to define formatting presets making it quicker to apply preset formatting. This is coming to the Windows version in the future, but for now it does work like a standard text editor in this regard rather than like a more advanced word processor.