Disappointed--want money back

I have never been as disappointed with a product as I am with Scrivener. Thursday and Friday were wasted trying to enter index cards. The cards are gone. When I go into my flash drive or my documents where I back stuff up, the folders are blank. I contacted sales for a refund. Haven’t heard back yet.

I’m very sorry you’ve had a problem using Scrivener. I’ve responded to your post in the technical forum with some suggestions for retrieving your work; did you try these? I also asked some questions about the specifics of the problem–without details of what exactly you were doing and the precise symptoms, it’s very hard to figure out what may have caused the data loss and how to try and recover the work: it could be anything from a synchronisation problem to a display problem in the editor simply not showing the writing. There are a lot of different views and areas that text can be entered and displayed in Scrivener, so also clarifying where exactly text is missing would help us restore your project. Are the documents (index cards on the corkboard) present but the synopsis text on the cards is missing, or are the cards themselves not on the corkboard or in the binder? When you say the folders on your flash drive are blank, which folders in the project do you mean are empty (and do you mean they are completely void of contents)? All of these would indicate different aspects of the program to investigate for restoring your work. If you’ve emailed sales, I’m sure David will get back to you shortly–it is the weekend, remember!–but whether or not you choose to continue using Scrivener, we certainly want to make every effort to restore your writing and prevent the problem from recurring.

I’m beyond caring now. Anything that takes this much to use is not worth my time or trouble.

I’m wondering why you didn’t download the free trial,
Study the video tutorials, and spend a little time learning
Before taking up time and space on the forum with your complaint?
You’re lucky that the management here is patient with cranks
And will doubtless send you a refund promptly.

Do not give up.

I doubt the info is not on your computer somewhere.

Scrivener is not a beginner’s try and toss program but one used more and more across all levels of writing capabilities professional and amateur alike. Give it and yourself a chance. The program will all of a sudden take hold of you and force you to be innovative and productive.


This is an excellent piece of software, but of course you need to master it. If it was not at least a bit complex it would not do those things that make it great. Try some patience and less moaning at those that are trying to help you, I saw the post in response to your problem and that was extremely long and detailed.

For someone, “long and detailed” instead of “quick and straight” is just insulting :slight_smile:


The problem is most likely down to user error (people often blame their hardware or software when, in fact, they are the ones who are making mistakes) or an error in the user’s OS that is beyond the control of Scrivener. What has been vaguely described in the user’s complaint clearly isn’t typical of Scrivener.

At any rate, if a refund is what you want, then you should contact Lit & Lat sales directly. The email is posted on their support page: literatureandlatte.com/support.php

Also note, there’s a link there concerning their “software return policy.”

For anyone considering buying Scrivener, please give it a full 30 days of trial use and put it through it’s paces. If it can’t address your needs, or if your installation somehow turns out buggy, you haven’t paid for something you can’t or won’t use.

I’m also a Jesus loving writer and as such, I love your moniker. And because I think there needs to be more of us, I urge you to reconsider your decision about abandoning Scrivener.

I’ve been a writer for more than twenty years, so I have seen the genesis and evolution of writing software products since their humble (some very humble) origins. I have also tried almost every one of these products at one time or another. It’s my opinion, as the dust settles, that there are a handful of truly valuable writing programs that have endured over this period and have proven themselves by weathering the countless demands of an endless variety of writers and writing enterprises.
At the very top of this list, I place Scrivener. While, as noted, there are a few other bona-fide contenders for the top spot, no other product provides the combination of flexibility, suite of functionality, and support structure you will find with Scrivener.

As a start, consider this forum. I challenge you to find its equivalent for any other available product, at any price. The only offering that even approaches this in content and utility might be the discussion groups for yWriter5 (one of that handful of valuable writing programs), but even that, after careful analysis, does not match the support available here from an actual support and product development team.

Unfortunately, when a product is as comprehensive as Scrivener, the learning curve is not always something you can negotiate over a quiet Sunday afternoon. I’ve been using Scrivener on a constant basis for at least two years, and I learn new things regularly.

All of us (or at least most of us) who have used Scrivener for any period of time can sympathize with your frustrations, but I also believe that those of us who have persevered have never regretted it and have indeed found Scrivener to be the best solution available for our writing needs.

Anyway, I hope you give some serious thought to your decision, and that whatever your decision is, it works out for you.

Dick Keaton

I’m sorry, but pathetic whines get no sympathy from me. I searched all your posts and I recommend you stick with a notepad and a pencil. Computers fundamentally don’t like you and it appears mutual.

When you do something really stupid in a car, like crash it into a lamp post. People will ask all sorts of really hard questions. You gave no useful information at all beyond “I never learnt to drive.”

You really don’t deserve a refund for that. You didn’t even take the car for a test drive first.

Consider it a lesson learned, pick up your notepad, letter size or whatever it is and get on with your monotheist life.

writing is definitely all about fast results and instant gratification.

tch!tch! Shame on you cus! They’re only humans, why didn’t you tell them?

I’m still disappointed that Scrivener doesn’t interface with my USB ports directly to run a coffee pot. What kind of writing software doesn’t support coffee makers?

It does, but not for sartorially challenged leprechauns…sorry
The Moderators

You are more concerned about the breaks. I’m disappointed by what Scrivener doesn’t do during writing: autocompletion of the main text. All considered, it can autocomplete synopses and character names. Why not the main writing?


The best solution would be to combine the two: While I am making a pause, drinking the USB-brewed coffee, Scrivener should continue with the main writing, simply maintaining the subject and style until the desired target word count is achieved.

I am actually deeply disappointed that it seems not to work this way. Deeeeeply. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Andreas is right, this missing feature is inexplicable.
Has anybody the drivers for this thing?
digitalreviews.net/news/indu … maker.html

Where has that been all my life?!?

That’s pure crap!! That means that I’d have to enter the data informing Scrivener, what the: ‘desired target word count’, is… myself!! :open_mouth: May as well start using :imp: WORD :imp: