Disaster recovery with Dropbox copy?

I just accidentally cut half a scene instead of copied and went to another app to paste. I could very easily have cleared the clipboard by accident. I realized I couldn’t go back to recover from Dropbox if I wanted to because it would sync the cut passage.

Something about this app makes me nervous. I just feel like there have been a few close calls. Sometimes the undo goes back far enough and other times it appears to be cleared.

I know there are options to constantly save, but is there any past version auto save or way to recover from a cut and paste disaster after the clipboard and undo are cleared? How would I recover from Dropbox if it auto syncs the changes? Thanks.

Perhaps have a read here:


As @rms said, you should back up your projects.

You can also reduce the risk of data loss and mis-pastes when moving large chunks of text by using the Document Split command. If you split a document, then delete one of the pieces, the deleted piece will be saved in the Project Trash rather than existing only in the Undo buffer.

Thanks for responding. I don’t quite understand. I found the split command and see it created a new text page at the cursor, splitting the document, but I don’t understand how you’re using it in a data loss context. Would you mind explaining a bit further? Thanks!

I do back up my projects, once or twice a day but should do it more often. I do wish the app had more safety measures.

To be clear, Split is a loss prevention tool, not a loss recovery tool.

Suppose you have a big chunk of text that you want to delete or move to another location. If you cut/paste, then you’re at the mercy of the Undo buffer. If you cut too much, or overwrite something important when you paste, you can only recover if you Undo in time.

If instead you use Split, you put the chunk of text in its own separate document. You can move it wherever you want in the Binder. If you Split again at the destination, you haven’t damaged either “edge” of the spot where it goes. If you delete it, accidentally or on purpose, you can find it again in the Project Trash.

I strongly suggest to addtionally get a clipboard manager. It is a very helpful tool not just as a fallback in a cut instead of copy accident that happened to you (and is likely to happen again, to all of us). I find it quite indispensable in general for everybody working with texts.

The best clipboard manager for Mac in my opinion and for my use case is Paste. It comes for an—again: in my opinion—acceptable subscription for a universal licence. Please note that the iOS/iPadOS versions do not work as seamlessly in the background as the Mac version due to OS restrictions. And the syncing between all of them depends on the moody iCloud.

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Funny I’ve been looking for clipboard managers. There are some, but it appears Apple did a big clampdown on them at one point for security reasons. They all seem like hack workarounds. Why there’s no option to create a clipboard history is beyond me.

My hunch is that it’s related to the design basis for iOS that each app is in its own “sandbox” and Apple wants to have total control over inter-app exchange/communication … or something like that.

Clipboard managers actually have been working less “hacked” for a while now. A few OSses ago the Mac App Store versions of some programs which had access to the clipboard in the background needed some additional helper app that could only be downloaded on the developers’ website.

But nowadays that is not necessary. The user only has to allow these apps access in the macOS security settings once. (Okay, maybe more than once as macOS Ventura seems to forget some of these settings intermittently.)

On the Mac side of things everything works just fine. While on the mobile platform it’s a whole different story…

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