Discount on Scriveners release...

Would be nice for all the beta testers to get a small discount code valid for a limited time when scrivener is finally released. Just a suggestion. Anyone agree with me? :mrgreen:

The people who completed NANOWRIMO are getting a discount. We just have to show our certificate.

It would be cool (since I already used mine on my fiance’s birthday/christmas present for the mac version), but I think I’ll get the windows one, regardless. :slight_smile:

Um… Not really. I think considering the amount of work that has gone and is going into Scrivener. We should be considering ourselves lucky to be able to beta test these releases. As a full time author i nearly reluctantly bought a macbook just because i want to use scrivener as my main writing and creativity tool (together with freemind mind map). Considering how much i forked out for adobe creative premium CS5 i think scrivener is an absolute bargain and asking for discounts is frankly a tad stingy.
P.S. I have no financial interest in the scrivener project.
Titus Kodzoman- Norway

I’m not sure if this is the case these days, but in a lot of beta software I used in the past, getting early access and the ability to influence the product (and help get the bugs out) was all one got. Then again, there is open source software out there that is absolutely free.

Currently I use a freeware product and an expensive commercial product (Word 2007), but neither of them do the job for me. I’m more than happy to donate my time for Scrivener for Windows.

I realize that I’m very fortunate, and can afford the software right now, but that some might not be able to, so Deadaus and garpu, don’t feel I’m picking on you, okay? I just want the L & L folks to know I’m okay with paying what I consider an extremely reasonable price for a specialized tool.

It’s great being able to use software during its beta phase, but it’s just that: a pre-release beta version. When it’s ready for release, part of the launch hype for the developers will be to create a critical mass of interest. Some of that interest will come from people who have played with the beta versions and have told their friends about it. If those beta users are offered a small discount, somewhere around 15-20% they are not only likely to buy the software at the discounted rate, but those early adopters are also likely to act as “product evangelists” and create the desired ripples of interest. It seems to me that that would be a mutually rewarding arrangement, especially for those users who don’t have a MOMOWRIMA or whatever it is discount code, and also for those who are not in a position to “consider” shelling out for a Macbook as a writing tool.


We’re really, really grateful to all those who have taken the time to beta-test and report bugs. Unfortunately, however, it’s impractical for us to offer mass-discounts on release, especially when poor Lee is already months behind and the debts are piling up. :slight_smile: As we’ve said all along, we will be offering some discounts and freebies to users who have gone the extra mile to help us track critical bugs, or who have been particularly active in helping out of the forums, though. We’re doing our best to keep a small list of such users (although we are bound to miss a few).

We haven’t talked about a “introductory discount” although I’m personally inclined against such things as they tend to cause complaints when the price goes up, and we already set the price low and have gone out of our way to make it affordable. We certainly won’t complain if some of the beta-testers want to buy at the educational price on launch, though, which would give you a modest $5 discount at least.

Many thanks and all the best,

Software developers need Porsches too, y’know.

But seriously, the less money you give L&L, the more time Lee has to spend working in lap dancing clubs in order to pay his rent. Which means it will take all the longer for him to turn WinScriv 1.0 into WinScriv 2.0

Why would you want that? Why?

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Slapping your furry thigh, I heard. :open_mouth:

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Hey, I’m all for discounts when something is expensive. After all, not everyone is rich like Mr. Gates, Mr. Trump, and the likes of those people. The world is going downhill as we speak, and those who are rich just laugh at us the majority of the time. But hey, at least the price of gas has been dropping over the past week here!
I’ve purchased writing software before, and spent upwards of $400 per item! But I think the price for this software (around $50 I think) is really reasonable. Scrivener is a great product, and I’m having fun just using for the basics, let alone all the bells and whistles I haven’t been able to figure out yet. It makes sense to me, it’s very user friendly, even though it’s in the bug stage. I’m telling every writer I know about it, and telling them they should either buy the Mac version or the Windows version.
So I am waiting with Beta breath (bad pun intended) for this thing to be released!