Discrepancies between tutorials and my screen

Hi there,

  • How to change a project layout from “Blank” to “Fiction” (or Non-Fiction)?
  • Am watching http://www.literatureandlatte.com/videos/RevisionMode.mov … but can’t find Revision Mode on my Scrivener. At Tutorial.scriv, search “Revision Mode” doesn’t get any hits. ???
  • In the same video, the toolbar is shown, from left to right, starting with “Scrivener” (then File, Edit, View …). No “Scrivener” tab on my toolbar. Where to change preferences? At Tutorial.scriv, search “preference” doesn’t get any hits. ???

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, you’ve come to a video that showcases a feature not yet implemented in the Windows version. Most of the videos they’ve produced are for the Mac version, which has been in development for several more years; Windows will catch up eventually, but there is a lot of ground to cover.