Diseased Keyboards.

guardian.co.uk/technology/20 … ing.health

All PC Wintels…obviously.

Bah! I’ve washed my Tactile Pro twice now, to no ill effect.

I think this proves that Mac users bathe more…

An interesting side note. I read a report a few years ago about a study that was done on computer users. They found that on the average Mac Users had a higher IQ than PC users. The study also showed tht PC users actually invested more money into maintaing their computers than Mac users and that Mac users were more creative in their usage of their computers than PC users.


Hah … why else would we be Mac users? :laughing:
And PC users have — and certainly had — to spend more money on their PCs, 'cos they have/had to put in all those things like sound cards, ethernet cards, FireWire cards … etc., which we have always enjoyed built in from the word go.

Let’s get back on topic, shall we? Diseased keyboards.

Far more interesting, don’t you think?


I have seen many a keyboard that would have food and other indescribable foreign objects lying between the keys of some users keyboards. But the keyboards were still healthy and worked ok…