Dispesing with the notecard UI elements


I’ve been happily trying out Scrivener for the past several days. For whatever reason though I find the corkboard metaphor handy for organizationing, I find the imagery distracting.

No worries. I’ve replaced the corkboard image resource with something more to my tastes. However, I can’t seem to find the resource images for the note card lines. Have I just missed them or are they handled in some other manner?

You can turn off the notecard lines via the Preferences (under Fonts & Colors). As of 1.01 (out in a couple of weeks), you will be able to choose a different colour background for the index cards, too, so they could look like Post-Its if you wanted.

Excellent. I had completely glossed over that while I was looking through the preference settings.

This could be a Brit-US usage difference, but the familiar term here is “bulletin board” whereas “corkboard” is not in my Apple dictionary, though it is in the American Heritage, 4th ed.

Anyway, the cards are what matter, so possibly you might consider calling the two interface sections “Outliner” and “Cards” ??

I also found the cork, pins, and lines distracting and turned them off. But I like the flexibility offered in Preferences, which allows for many combinations of background and card style.

I created a short how-to on this, located here. The end result of those instructions looks a lot more like standard flowchart software without the lines in between nodes. The pins look a little off in that context, though if you are artistically inclined, the graphic for the pin could be adjusted to something less analogue. Tips for that process are in this thread. Since you’ve already tweaked the corkboard image itself, I’m imagining the pins would not be too much of a hassle for you either.