displacing a footnote reference

I’m trying out Scrivener for the first time, and so far so good. My document has many footnotes, however (I just figured out how to make them visible–they were so small!) and I’m wondering if it’s possible to displace the footnote reference in an easy way (as it stands I have to cut the footnote text, select the new location, paste the text, and delete the previous footnote). Sometimes, when importing from a Word doc which has both a comment and a footnote assigned to the same bit of text, Scrivener will arbitrarily displace the fn ref (for example) to the beginning of the following sentence.

Your help is much appreciated.

Hi mortimer,

Thanks for trying Scrivener! A couple of points here:

  1. I have just located a bug whereby imported Word/RTF files could displace footnotes that follow a table. Does your imported file contain any tables by any chance? This bug is fixed for the next free update.

  2. There are two easy ways to move footnotes:
    a) Select the text to which you want to move the footnote, then ctrl-click on the footnote and select “Move to Selection”.
    b) Just drag the footnote from the inspector onto the word to which you wish it to be attached.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Hi Keith–brilliant! Just what I needed. I’m sold. Going to buy the program today–it’s been an absolute liberation in terms of writing. Would that I had discovered it sooner…

Thanks! And glad that helped.
All the best,