Display and order of keywords

A couple of questions about keywords.
First, the order: I can’t seem to drag the keywords in the Show Project Keywords list - if I try to drag, let’s say, Sunday into place after Saturday and before Monday, Saturday becomes a folder and gobbles up Sunday. And I similarly can’t get it to show the times in correct order in that Show Project Keywords list (and the drop-down, or rather drop-out, menu which reflects its order if you want to add a keyword simply from a list.
Second, the display size: some of us are getting ould and grey, and th’oul eyes aren’t as keen as they once were. Is there any way to increase the size of the words displayed on the Show Project Keywords list?

The keywords are sorted alphabetically by group. So inside each group, the subdocuments are arranged alphabetically. If you drag one item onto another item, it will become its child.

There’s currently on way of changing the font size, no - it just uses the standard system font size. Annoyingly, OS X used to allow you to change the default system font size (or at least I think it did, unless I dreamed it), but there’s now no way of doing it to the best of my knowledge (although there may be an under-the-hood trick somewhere).

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Well… not really, Keith. At the moment, my ‘Dates’ folder in Project Keywords lists the days like this:


(with the date of each of these also part of the filename, the dates starting from Thursday and running on to Sunday).

As for Apple’s shenanigans, I just get the impression that they’re all ho-hum about the Mac now and all juicy about their phones. Big open goal there.

Edit: The actual dates - numerically, with times, eg this would be


(that is, January 24, 2014 at 4.45pm)

are also all over the place.

Could you please take a screenshot of your project keywords and show it here?

Hmm. Odd thing happened. I changed the Sunday date to one with a colon like the rest (having realised that it was expressed slightly differently), and it didn’t make any difference, it stayed in the same place in the list. So I decided to delete it and make a new keyword with the same name. Selected, copy-and-pasted, and before I had time to delete it, it quickly leaped into its correct place in the order of days. V odd.
Sorry, I mean that I selected the keyword so I could change it, and hit cmd-c to copy the selected text, but without pasting it, it leapt into its correct place.
Anyway, fixed now. Thanks for your help, Keith.