Display bug with Split View (Lion)

Just discovered a new (for me) display bug when using split view in Lion. In some circumstances, the lower pane in split view will lose its title var and hence the control icons.

I first discovered when I opened an external PDF in a second pane. I changed from horizontal split to vertical split and was experimenting to see if I could switch the panes (left pane to the right and vice versa). I switched back to horizontal split and the lower pane did not have its title bar. Because of this, it did not have its own split view icon so I was unable to make it the sole window again or navigate through its history (although I could continue to move between the two windows as normal). The top window did have its split view icon which continued to act as normal. The only way to get the title bar (and icons) back in the lower pane was to quit and restart Scrivener.

I have tried a couple of times and am able to replicate just with regular split view (no external files are required). Simply go into split view, toggle back and forth between vertical and horizontal split, and the lower pane will reliably lose its title.

Scrivener 2.1
OS X 10.7

Hi nom,

Argh, I thought I’d fixed this, so this is awful news. I know this is an issue on the Mac App Store version (which hasn’t got some of the last minute fixes I was able to get into the version on our site just yet), but I thought I had it fixed in the version on our site. I believe you use the version on our site, not the Mac App Store version, is that correct? This is down to Lion making split views even more fragile than ever, and it’s insanely difficult and not an easy fix unfortunately.

EDIT: Actually, forget the above, I’ve just reproduced it myself. Are you in Lion’s full screen mode when it happens? I can only get it to happen in full screen.

I’m now going to go and cry quietly for a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

Yes, site version.
Yes, full screen mode.
Sorry for causing tears (as if you don’t have enough on your mind this week). :neutral_face:

As an offer of condolence, I’ll drink a single malt in your honour - it’s the least I can do… :wink:

Right! After your single malt, please try this build:

literatureandlatte.com/dlbet … ewTest.zip

The version number should be, and - hopefully! - this will fix the issue.

Let me know how you get on.

Thanks and all the best,

Just got home from tutoring all day. Downloading now and will report back once tested.

UPDATE: It finished downloading while I was typing. I’ve just tested and was unable to replicate the error, with either internal or external documents.

Looks good. :smiley:

PS Unfortunately it wasn’t a single malt, so I had to make do with a blend. The things we do we show our appreciation…

Great, thanks! And phew.

Eh, you mean there are different types of whiskey? I thought it just came as “Scotch” or “other”. :slight_smile:

Oh yes. Amongst the most well known are lovely and metho.

Thanks for such a prompt and effective response correcting the window issue.