Display character count

It would be very helpful if the character count of the entire draft was displayed constantly while writing. So, if a specific amount of characters is required by the editor, you could control permamently if you have to add or to delete words. I know that calculating the printed page count statistics needs some time. But it would be very helpful. I’m afraid it is not possible, is it? Cheers, Michael (Please translate this text to proper English.)

Hello Michael.
You need to open ‘Project’ and then ‘Project target’ on the menu. I assume you mean words as your post starts with characters but moves on to a word count requirement.This gives a continuous word count and also enables you to set a word count target. This remains visible unless of course you are in full screen edit where you don’t want any distraction. See the manual or tutorial for more detail…

Hello Shass,
thank you for your reply. I know the option ‘Project target’, but I was not aware that the window remains visible. This is exactly what I need. BTW: I meant characters, but in order to reduce characters, I have to delete superfluous words or sentences. This is why I moved to “words” :slight_smile:
Thanks again, Michael