Display/export comments only?


I’m approaching a full draft of my PhD thesis. Throughout the process, I have been using footnotes for referencing and comments for open questions, reminders, etc. to myself.

Here’s my question: Is there any way to display and/or export comments only—that is, without footnotes—to get an overview of all these notes to self?

EDIT: I should add that I realise it is possible to export comments only, without the main body of the text, but that defeats my purpose, which is to see the comments in context.

And question number two, for future reference: Would there have been a more effective way to go about this? Some functionality or other I’m not aware of?

Thank you for any help you may provide!

  1. Inspector comments are listed under the comments tab of the inspector. Clicking on any comment will reveal in the editor area the context of the comment, If you have your entire draft loaded in the editor (scrivenings mode) then you will see the complete list of your comments.

  2. If you have been using inline annotations instead (my own preference), you can convert these to inspector comments for the purpose. See Edit > Transformations.

  3. If your aim is to have (1) but without having to wade through lots of inspector footnotes (which are also listed there), you could do the following: convert your inspector footnotes into inline footnotes for the purpose. Then they will not show up in the inspector listing. You can convert them back to inspector footnotes later if you wish. This conversion is another function you will find under Edit > Transformations.

Needless to say, use caution before making any “moves”. Backup your project!


Scenario 3 is exactly my problem, and the solution you propose works like a charm. Thank you very much!