Display Issues with Bookman Font?

I changed the default font in Scrivener to Bookman Old Style, which is what I like to use for my fiction writing and what I’ve been using in Word with no problems. However, for some reason, in Scrivener it comes across as bold no matter what the settings are. Even in the font preview menu it shows much heavier than it really is. It seems like Scrivener can only see the bold version and not the regular version?

Here is how it looks in Word using 12pt font size:

And in Scrivener using the same:

I haven’t checked to see if this is going on with other fonts or not. For now I’ve dealt with it by switching to another font, but I’d still prefer to be able to use Bookman. I’m running Scrivener on a Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit system.

Any ideas?

This is a bug with how Scrivener’s framework is seeing the font because it does not have a “regular” variant and Scrivener isn’t defaulting then to “light” but just the top alphabetical option. We’ll have this fixed for the next update, but for now you’ll need to either remove the extra variants from your font folder (so that there is only the “light” version, forcing Scrivener to use it) or just work with a different editor font for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience!