Display multiple search results?

Hi and thanks for reading my post!
I love the way you can select multiple parts (e.g. scenes) of your text and they display in an editable way one by one (see 1.jpg). That’s very useful. I’ve seen it only once before-in an abandoned app called AcuteNotes. So this is very good.
I would like to use this Scrivener’s ability with search too.
For example, when searching for all scenes with a particular tag, they show up on the left side and I can select any one of them to edit them. (see 2.jpg)
But when I select multiple results from the search, nothing is displayed (see 3.jpg)
Is there a way to display multiple results of the search one after another just like when you select them by hand (see 1.jpg)? I suspect it is not possible. If that is the case, is there a way to somehow get around that and display search results one after another just like in 1.jpg, pls?

Many thanks in advance for any kind help!
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update: It could have been the previous version of Scrivener, I will never know, but currently (RC14) selecting multiple search results shows their text one by one in the editor.

Yeah, that definitely should be working! One thing to watch out for is the current view mode. That said, it looks to me more like you encountered a glitch in the older version, as your screenshot does not have any of the clues that would indicate you had the Outliner open or something.

By the way, that little curved arrow button beside the X button to close the search (top left of the binder sidebar) acts as a shortcut to load the entire search result into the main editor, saving you the effort of having to select things by hand. And as you will note from the editor header bar, doing so is slightly different than selecting, as it actually loads “Search Results” into the editor as a thing.

Thank you for your kind reply, AmberV!
The little curved arrow is awesome! Love it!

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