Display Number of Subdocuments in Binder?

On the Windows version, I could display the number of subdocuments in the binder. Is that possible on the Mac? Searched the manual and this forum without success.


View > Outline > Show Subdocument Counts in Binder

Hope this helps. N.B.: Outline, not Outliner. I get them confused…

Thanks. I wouldn’t have found that myself.

You’re welcome!

You might have done with CMD SHIFT FORWARD-SLASH and then typing “binder” or “subdocument”. That shortcut can be super useful throughout macOS when hunting for menu items and options.

Slàinte mhòr.

This can also be accessed by clicking the Help menu and typing into its text field. (For those few of us who refuse to memorise scores of seldom-used keyboard shortcuts. :smiley: )

Yes, I love that feature of the Mac. I expected this to be in the options somewhere, or I might have looked there.

Yeah this was a trickier one since it used to be a global setting, so looking for it in the menus might not be one’s first thought. I do try to have all of these kinds of changes documented in Appendix E for that reason, for future reference.