Display of Backup files annoying

I have my Scrivener projects all in the appropriate Dropbox folder, and a folder for Scrivener backups within that main folder. Problem is: the Projects listing on opening Scrivener displays ALL the project main files AND ALL the backup files.

How do I “hide” the auto backup directory’s backup files so the listing of “projects” doesn’t get overly crowded?

Doug Clark
Fort Collins, Colorado

Hi Doug,

My assumption is that you are using Scrivener on multiple platforms, i.e., iOS+Win or iOS+Mac.

Storing the Scrivener backups in the designated DropBox sync folder on the iOS device is not best practice, as everything in that DropBox folder will be synced to your iDevice and needlessly use up your iDevice’s storage. (See the iOS Tutorial, page 27.)

Instead, in Win/Mac Scrivener you should go to preferences and change the designated backup folder to a different folder, and then move all the backups that have already been stored in the DropBox sync folder to that different folder.

After making those changes, you will no longer see the backups listed on your iDevice.

Hope that helps,

You should not have your backups in Dropbox at all. Keep them somewhere else, in case the Dropbox server screws up and destroy your files.

Thanks, everyone. Your advice makes good sense.