Display of binder folder/file names in Scrivenings

I use folder names a lot to automatically generate headings in compiled documents.
I tend to use file names just for the purposes of naming chunks of text, for easy identification in the binder, rather than for the purpose of output.
It would be helpful when displaying folder/file names using the Scrivenings display if there was a way to distinguish headings that are folder names from those that are file names. This would make it easier to keep up with what will be output as document headings versus what will not be.

This isn’t precisely what you’re asking for, but if you look in in Options: > Appearance > Scrivenings > Fonts, there should be an option to set the main font size for Scrivening Titles, with a decrease of x points per binder level. E.g. you set the top level of the Binder to be 18pt, with a reduction of 2pts per level, so level 2 will be 16pts, level 3 14pts and so on.

It’s not tied to differentiating folder v text, but at least it gives a sense of the outline in Scrivenings, tied to the size of the scrivening title.

[attachment=0]Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 20.44.06.jpg[/attachment]

You can also combine that with the option View > Text Editing > Only Scrivenings Titles for folders, which does what you’d expect (this is combined with the first feature).
[attachment=1]Screenshot 2021-04-01 at 20.43.33.jpg[/attachment]

Do either of those help?