Display of document count (within in a binder folder or text group)?

Does Scrivener offer a way to display the number of documents in a selected binder folder? Or, for that matter, to display the number of documents in each folder in the binder? Also, it would be helpful if I could see the word and or character count for each binder entity, write there in the binder (next to each item). I can’t find a setting to display this information. The inspector seems to be the right place to display this sort of contents information for the current document in focus.

Thanks, Randall Lee Reetz

Try View->Outline->Show Subdocument Counts in Binder. For word/character counts for each binder entity, try enabling word and character count columns in the Outliner view,

Wow! Thank you so much! But why is the “display document count” under “Outline”? Does it only show up when you are in the outline view mode?

OK, yes, found it, and it works just as I want it to! But why oh why is this binder display option preference located under “View>Outline”? Scrivener has a bit of a problem with confused metaphors. “Outline®” is used as a choice in “View Mode” and in “Group Mode”??? Confusing! And… apparently, “Outline” also refers to the hierarchical (nested) structure of the binder entities (I’m guessing this is why “Show Subdocument Counts in Binder” appears under the “Outline” item of Scrivener’s “View” menu)? Perhaps the “Outline” item in the “View” menu should be renamed… how about “Binder Display”?

Don’t know. Don’t care.

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Obviously, this function is hidden in a place nobody would find, and everyone would consider “unintuitive”. I personally have an interest in Scrivener succeeding as a product. Unintuitive products aren’t as likely to last. I’ve owned and been marooned by many such applications. Don’t want that to happen to Scivener. Don’t want other users to have to struggle finding functionality. I don’t know about you, but I post to forums like this to both resolve issues I am having with an application, and to help others who might in the future have issues with an application. The best way to accomplish both of these goals is a revision of the application itself. I was hired to head up Apple’s Help Group for this reason. My attitude is 180 degrees opposite yours… I intend to know. I do care.

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