Display Percentage with Word and Character Count

If this has been posted before, I failed to find it. Sorry for that. My request is that next to the Word Count and Character count, the program display the word count at the current cursor position as a percentage of total word count in the project. Yes, I can figure out this percentage by doing some easy math, but it would be great to just see it there. When I’m reading on a Kindle, I can see the percentage of the book for my current page, and I find this really cool. I’d love to have the same info at all times while I’m writing.

Thank you for a wonderful program and for all of your hard work.

Unless you have set up from the very beginning the complete outline of your work, including target numbers of words for each document, I’m not sure that this would be meaningful information. It might even feel like you are going backwards at times.

If it’s a general feeling of progress you are after, then displaying the total word count against your target might be more helpful. You can also use the labels and status function (the former of which you can see in the binder through careful use of colour) to indicate progress.

If it’s more a ‘sense of perspective’ for where you are in the document, then good old “Reveal in Binder” (opt-cmd-R) might be more helpful.