Display project identity at top of window or in binder

I often have more than a single project open at the same time - especially when copying content or format between them - and get confused about exactly which project is open on the screen in front of me.

I have tried looking through preferences and the posts to see if there is a way to set-up Scrivener so that it displays the current project identity either in the toolbar or in the binder but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does a setting exist anywhere?

Having the project identity as the top entry in the binder would be the ideal situation.

Scrivener just uses the same system most every other file-based application does: displaying the name of the currently edited file in the title bar at the very top, where you drag a window to move it (same row as the “traffic light” buttons). Scrivener also displays the item you are working on within Scrivener, as well. Also, you can use the Window menu to switch directly to the project you want to view.

But if for some reason you don’t have title bars (a bunch of full screen sessions would qualify), you might consider giving your “Draft” folders more contextually relevant names, in the Binder. The name of this folder is used throughout the interface, where appropriate. For example the Project Statistics panel will use the name you give to the Draft folder, for the top half.

Thank you AmberV. I feel a bit silly now as what you say is completely correct.

Yes, as you pointed out I am working in full-screen mode and using virtual windows for each of my projects. Hence the title bar was hidden from view. I actually have never used Scrivener in anything other than full-screen mode as I feel this removes distractions and allows me to concentrate on writing. Working full-screen avails the application to maximum screen real estate which is very useful in Cork Board mode. In a past existence I was used to working in other environments (such as Eclispe) where the panel to the left shows your project as the top level in the heirarchy.

I was already aware of the Window menu showing the currently open projects and wanted something a little more in my face. The title bar serves that purpose well, when not in full-screen mode.

I agree with your suggestion for contextually appropriate folder names and generally do exactly that. I suppose my problem may be temporary as I am trying to sort out a few personal templates and in these, folders necessarily have generic names. When working on a specific novel, as you say, the folder names do help indicate the project you are working on.

I think Ioa was trying to say that you can rename “Draft” or “Manuscript” or “Script” in the binder. The top-level folder itself can be renamed, as evidenced by the various names given to it in various templates.

So just rename “Manuscript” to “My Fabulous Book IV” or whatever.

Alternately, create a new top-level document or folder that identifies which project you’re looking at.

Yes I did miss that point. Thanks Robert. Brilliant idea.

I thought the name Manuscript was sacrosanct.

Nope. In my opinion, discussions about Scrivener would be a lot easier if all the templates started with “Draft”, which is what the blank template uses for the folder’s name; but that’s not how Scrivener is designed, so you can name it whatever you like. Just keep in mind what the icon looks like–I once renamed my Draft folder to something else, and created some other folders beside it, and then got confused as to which one I could compile from.