Display selected folder in cork board view

One of my favourite outlining techniques is to select multiple folders and view in cork board mode.
Documents is displayed in rows/columns with thin line between them depending on which folder it’s in.

Would be even better if I also could see the folder I’ve selected.
(Folder shown left if displayed in rows, top if displayed in columns.)

Thnx! :slight_smile:

Note that all of the selected folders will be highlighted in the Binder.

Yes, you can see in binder, but I want them as a heading in cork board view. :slight_smile:
Easier to see which column/row that document is located in.

We decided against that, in order to keep the corkboard area cleaner. The approach that we went with instead was to provide a button in the top right of the header bar (looks like a ToC list). If you click that it will show you which board the selected card is found within, and as well provide a place to easily jump between them.

If it is really important to have it all in one view, although the presentation style is a little different, you may find the Outliner view (Ctrl+3 or ⌘3) to be easier to work with.

Sorry Ioa, but I’m not seeing this TOC-like button in the top right of the header bar of the Corkboard. What am I doing wrong ?


None of them look like a ToC to me, so I’m not sure what you mean.

You can hover over almost any icon and get a hint, though.

Alas, I see that button is on the ToDo list in the Windows version. It would be the same one you would see when using Scrivenings, that lets you jump between sections. It should show up for stacked corkboards and outliner views of groups as well.

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I understand… you want to keep the corkboard area cleaner… might bee good in some cases… but not for me I’m afraid… outliner is good in many ways - and I use it all the time - but headings in corkboard would be much better.

Maybe it would be possible to allow user to choose if they want to keep it clean, or see heading, or heading + synopsis? Add 2 checkboxes beside button perhaps. :slight_smile:

If we had decided to add this, it probably always would have been an option, like the View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Titles in Scrivenings toggle, but it was decided not to. I don’t think that will change any time soon (it would be quite a code overhaul to make it work, internally as well).

Just realised… An option is, of course, to split screen.

Is there a way to skip automatic row breaks and keep cards in top window in one row if I make cards larger?


That’s a clever approach for the vertical layout!

And yes, click on the four index card icon in the lower right of each editor, and change the Cards across setting to something high. It won’t change the card size, but the wrap point, meaning you will now need to scroll if there are or more cards in a line than will fit.

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Clever! :star: :star: :star: Thank you!

And… if I might say so myself… quite a clever way to plot/use “Save The Cat” method with multiple POVs in Scrivener. :innocent:

(I :heart: Scrivener! :heart_eyes:)