Display separate texts as one paragraph?

Let’s say you make a folder in the binder and place a number of separate texts into that folder. Is there any way to make all the text contained in the folder display as ONE paragraph?

Not without post-processing the section you wish to merge, no. You can choose between a single line break and a double-line break, but not no line break at all. What are you doing that requires that level of separation, out of curiosity?

For me it is removing the words that suck. Take a pile of ideas, go nuts, eliminate the pooh, only one idea left. Merge it back to a paragraph that makes sense. When I am the person you can call it a bad writer using a good tool.

Less humorously I start off some things with a bunch of one liners. Sometimes I see order and connections and move them around and suddenly the whole idea is there. Right now I edit scrivenings to move all the files to one paragraph. A few times I go and expand it back out into separate files. Only happens a few times a week.

I know I am doing it wrong. It just works for me.

I’m a historian, so I have to manage large amounts of data that I crunch into paragraphs. I spend a lot of time working within individual paragraphs with information that comes from a large number of sources, so it would be nice to be able to keep information from individual sources in separate texts while displaying the product as a paragraph.

You can display them all together in one document using Edit Scrivenings. You can’t display them in ONE paragraph, though - all of the separate texts would be viewed as separate paragraphs in one text.


P.S. Moving to Technical Support…

I think the best way to do this from within Scrivener is to follow these steps once a section is ready to be displayed as one paragraph. Presumably, after an editing phase, there would be a time when you no longer need each sentence in a separate document.1. Select all of the sentences in the Binder

  1. Press Cmd-Opt-M to merge them into one document
  2. Invoke the find dialogue with Cmd-F
  3. Press Opt-Return once in the find field if you have single space merging, twice if you have double-space merging
  4. Enter a single space in the replace field
  5. Click Replace All

This can also be done in a text editor that has a feature for removing carriage returns. There is no way to do this dynamically in Scrivener though. It is a destructive process that you would do when you are finished editing.

Amber, you should be glad I am married. Otherwise I would be forced to make a proposal that you would regret.

I have no idea why I NEVER thought of merging these the “easy way”. I was cmd-x cmd-v the text ONE STINKING LINE AT A TIME!

I now officially love you.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips!! I think this will solve my problem.