Display titles in Edit Scrivenings

When I’m editing scrivenings, I would like an option to display the titles of each item at the top of its scrivening area.

It isn’t important to me to be able to edit the titles, but titles do help to give me some context when I’m planning or when I’m writing early, sketchy drafts.


Please do a forum search as this is one of THE most frequent requests. In short, though, this is coming in the next (free) update. (Note: There is no set release date for the next update.)

My apologies. I scanned the thread titles for several pages, but I didn’t do a search.

And thanks for the update, and the good news about the (eventually eventual) next release.


No problem - upon re-reading my reply, I must have been having a crabby day when I wrote my it, so apologies for my tone.
All the best,

P.S. The update is coming along well, but my hoped-for release date of November seems unrealistic now as there’s still so much to do, hence the “no set release date” line. I always liked what Douglas Adams said about deadlines - that he liked the whooshing sound they made as the flew him by…