Display word count for individual document


I’m new to the forum (but not to Scrivener!). I searched and couldn’t find a request for this particular feature, but my apologies if it’s a repeat. As I imagine many people do, when writing I divide my document into multiple subdocuments, with each document being a paragraph and all documents viewed as scrivenings. Because I like to keep each paragraph/document below a certain number of words (say, 200-250). As a result I am constantly selecting all the text in a particular document to view the word count in the bottom bar. But would it be possible to have a preference to persistently display a word-count for the selected subdocument only? Perhaps alongside, or instead of the character count? This would be very convenient in my use-case.

But you can already do that, can’t you? The word count at the bottom of any document (assuming you have Footer View enabled) defaults to that document’s total word-count, so there’s no need to select any text.

If you mean that, at the moment, the footer bar only shows characters, not words, then there’s a setting somewhere which allows you to change it to words, or both. (Sorry, I don’t have V2 handy so can’t tell you exactly where the setting is, but it’s in Preferences somewhere…)

Yes! I would love to have a way to see word counts of smaller sections within a document, such as a paragraph.
In Word, you can highlight a section and see the word count for just that section, but the Scrivener word count only gives a total for the entire document.
I’d thought that there was a way to do this, but haven’t been able to figure it out. The number in the footer is only for the whole document only.

Liz, as I said in my post, select the paragraph (or sentence, or random collection of words) you want to perform the word count on – it will be shown in blue at the bottom of the page: it only shows the whole document amount if you have no text selected.


I believe that the current production Windows version doesn’t do counts for selections.

Doesn’t it? Ah well – the thread started off for the Mac: I missed that it had changed, sorry.

Anyway, it will be in V3 which is getting closer…

In Windows, select the text, then right-click to see the word count in the text selected.