Displaying number of files in a folder (in the binder)


I have recently upgraded to Scrivener 3 for Windows.

I have a recollection that when using Scrivener 1 for Windows, it was possible to get Scrivener to identify, for each folder, the number of items in the folder, with the number appearing on the same line as the folder but at the right hand side of the binder.

I cannot find a similar function in Scrivener 3 for PC/Windows. Is such a function available in Scrivener 3 for PC?

The reason why I need this function is that I have a database which I update with documents, which I then drag into Scrivener. The folders in Scrivener get large with many documents . I need to make sure the number of files in the database matches the files in Scrivener, and vice versa.

Many thanks.

See if View > Outline > Show subdocument counts in Binder gives you what you want.


Perfect, thank you, that is exactly the solution. In retrospect, so easy to find yet I couldn’t see it all !

Thanks again.