Displaying pdfs in research folder

Hi. I’m using the research folder to store a lot of source material. It’s great, but I’ve noticed that

(i) it can be very slow to load / display pdfs

(ii) some of the pdfs are in landscape format (“frozen” presentations). These display with the right hand side chopped off: the editor doesn’t seem to be aware that the pages are a different shape. Getting rid of the binder and inspector to free up room makes no difference. Zoom out doesn’t seem to have any effect either (and takes ages to complete).

I’m using a Dell Latitude E6400 which is no slouch. I’ve got about 30 docs, mainly pdfs, in the research folder of this project.

Any insights? Many thanks for what is otherwise an outstanding piece of software.

OK, replying to my own post. Just found some other references to this, including pointer to “open in external app” option which will certainly help!

Note to me: RTFM.