Dissappearing Text

So I opened Scrivener the other day to find my manuscript text missing. Other text that I had written, such as on characters and the outline, were still there. However, nothing from my ms was. I was able to find it under the project files in a Word document, but I’d like to know what might have caused this before I import it all back over–don’t want it to happen again.

I’m using Scrivener for Windows,, on a Windows 10 machine.


Have you tried clicking an extra time on the scrivenings mode icon?

I’m not sure which button you’re talking about, so I suppose I haven’t tried it.

The one in the toolbar where you choose to click on Scrivenings mode, Cork board or Outliner.

Oh, ok. Then, yes, I’ve done that multiple times to no avail.

It’s like Scrivener is removing all the text from the file before displaying it. It’s not colored white, it’s just not there. But everything exists in the autosave files Scrivener creates.

Twice in a row…?
If you have selected a folder in the binder, clicking the Scriv button swaps back and forth between showing the text and subdocuments.

Scrivener doesn’t spontaneously delete anything so there must be something you did.

I’m a programmer by day, so I typically know what I’m doing in software. I promise you it’s nothing I did.

The text window is even showing the first line of my ms as its title, but there are no words showing on the screen.

You have a very minimalistic toolbar. Don’t you have the three icons for choosing Scrivenings, Cork board or Outline view? If you do, click again on the Scrivenings icon, without doing anything else.