Dissertation layout and page numbering

Hi everyone,

I’m using Scrivener to write a (100 pages +) dissertation, and, now that everything is done, I would like to render it to suit my expectations. I have a few problems to obtain the expected layout. What I would like is :

  • No page numbering for the front page, back-cover page, and the few pages following.
  • A page numbering in Roman numerals for my introductory stuff.
  • Page numbering for the main document : I, a, b, c, II, a, b, c, III, a, b, c.
  • A new page numbering for annexes and bibliographical stuff in the end.

I’ve also encountered problems to handle properly tables formatting and page breaks.

In a perfect world, I would like to render the entire document in .pdf from Scrivener, and being sure that everything is correct before handing it to my board of examiners.

Thanks in advance for you advices on how to achieve a nice rendering for this big document. I’m enjoying a lot the new Scrivener version. I recently come back using it remembering how useful it was a few years ago to organise my class notes.

I’m in a similar boat with my MFA thesis.

I really need help with the numbering and proper table on contents.

Thanks for the kind words.

Scrivener doesn’t support the sort of page numbering you require - I, a, b, c, II, a, b, c, III, a, b, c. (I’ve never seen page numbering like this, in fact) - so I’m afraid your best bet is to set everything up as best as you can, with folders for front and back matter (this will cause them to use different sections when exported), and then to export to Word or a similar dedicated word processor that supports more advanced page numbering options.

All the best,