Dissertation Writing Support

Building a dissertation article is no laughing matter.
I am a spammer.
And that is a laughing matter.

This is just advertising - that’s why this thread should be removed.

I`m more than inclined to agree with you. :open_mouth:

Do Scrivs crew members really need to go [i]ashore[/i] to get advice, I doubt it?

To make it even more … obnoxious … look at the account creation time and compare it to the time on the original post. And only ONE post.

Bad add troll. Bad.

Anyone else find the grammar and sentence structure … interesting? I know this statement coming form me is, shall we say suspect?, but I am not sure one advocating external support should be so free with the language.

[size=70]Here is an interesting pedantic that I am sure folks will beat me over the head with, but I found that ‘?,’ fragment prevalent in a few early books I recently acquired. I find it very comfortable reading and writing, but wonder if it is still acceptable in written communication. My very limited checking (“no daddy you can not do that so stop it”) didn’t really provide any guidelines. It is certainly representative of the intended communication but “rules are rules” and I would at least like to know when I am flaunting them.[/size]

Bad ad, yes.

But also - am I just being fogeyish and old-fashioned in believing that to obtain a first or a Master’s degree or Ph D it is at least desirable to research and write the dissertation or thesis oneself? Or is that how education works and knowledge is advanced these days - you attend university, perhaps subsidised by my taxes, and pay someone else to do the work? If so - blimey! :open_mouth:


P.S. I was somehow tickled by the idea that the work you pay for is first checked before you receive it by a piece of software to demonstrate it has not been plagiarised… Eh? :confused: