Distinguishing files from folders

Is there a way to tell whether a document is a file or a folder when you’re in Scrivenings mode? Thanks.

Not unless you add text to the folder.

The cool thing (in my opinion) that scriv does is allow a folder to BE a file at the same time it is a folder. So when you are in scrivenings there is no real difference between a file and a folder since the folder IS a file at the same time it is acting as a folder.

Now, let’s just wait for Ioa to come along and tell us both how I’m wrong and show us how to tell when you are in a folder :slight_smile:

Well, I’m no Ioa, but I have a couple of observations that might help. First is to turn on the titles in Scrivenings mode; if you can distinguish your folders from your other files by name, then mission accomplished. If you use the Label field to somehow mark your folders as whatever they represent (chapter breaks is common), then you can set the color of the inspector index card by selecting View->Use Label Color in->Index Cards. When you move the cursor into the editor’s space for the folder, the index card will change to that color.

You could also use document templates to put in a placeholder text or even an image to remind you not to write in that space (if that’s why you want to be able to distinguish between folders and other files). Just make sure your compile settings don’t include “text” in the Formatting pane for your folders. Obviously, you’d have to paste that stuff in to any existing folders in your draft folder.

Another thing that works is View/Reveal in Binder. Hit that command and whatever your cursor is currently in will be highlighted in the Binder. If you don’t want to disturb the Binder, you can always find your current place in a session with the header bar icon menu. Just click on that and hover over the “Go To” menu. A checkmark will be placed beside the active section (and naturally you can jump anywhere in the session from here, too).

Thanks for the workarounds, guys. I agree about the morphability of files and folders; it’s a strength of the program. And the way I use them reflects that: I’m not systematic about folders: sometimes they mean one thing, sometimes another; sometimes a doc will start life as a file and later become a folder. But while the meaning changes, there always is meaning. So I was hoping for a way to distinguish the two types that would fit in with my unsystematic system — something equivalent to and as obvious as the difference in folder and file icons in the Binder or Outline view.

I’d like, when working in Scrivenings, to get the info that a doc is a folder, but without having to break the flow that Scrivenings offers. Robert’s label trick comes closest, but it requires you to move your cursor from doc to doc (not to mention having your inspector open, which eats up precious screen space on a 13-inch laptop).

Ioa, do you know if it would be possible to add a preference? Maybe a different background colour for folder titles?

There is nothing right now that will help you out, but we’ve got a few things planned for the next release that should make it easier to see the difference—one was already tested in a beta build last year, where you could apply the label tint to the background colour behind the Scrivenings title. That gives you label information in the editor view without the inspector open.

Well, that would be useful in many ways. But it occurs to me that I would have to remember to assign a label to every folder and then change the label every time I changed a file to a folder or vice-versa. I’m not sure I would. Remember, that is. Knowing myself as I do.