distracting word-count status bar[NOTED]

More a wish:

I started to use the word target frequently and found the animated green status bar, which highlights the progress, very distracting - a blinking green think in the corner of the eyes. Where as the full screen mode shows just an ‘easy on the eye’ word count.

It would be great if I could switch the experience of the “word count status bar” to a non animated bar or to a simple word-count (like in the full screen mode).

Scrivener v Beta 1.6
OS Windows Vista

Huh, bug? Mine doesn’t blink.

I think it’s a feature of Windows 7. The scroll bars pulse (or blink) whereas they didn’t in XP (don’t know about Vista).

I have vista and mine blinks as well. I don’t find it that distracting, though. I guess it’s a personal preference thing. :slight_smile:

if it’s a Win7/Vista ‘feature’, that would explain why this didn’t get remedied before.

Surely there’s a way to have a progress bar without the blinking, as you see them all the time.

To have the blinking green just means this is one feature of Scrivener Windows that I can’t yet use – it distracts.

+1 for this finding its way to the fix list at appropriate point, and thanks :wink:

Happily using the rest each day, and regards,

This is a Windows feature in both Vista and Win 7. You can only deactivate it from within the Windows Control Panel. I know that because it annoyed me as well and I spent hours looking around for a way to get rid of it.

This is what worked for me:
Click on the Windows Start button.
Type into the search field: SystemPropertiesPerformance (just like this, as one word)
That opens a window that should look like this - only in your case probably in english.
The option you’re looking for should be called something like “animate elements in windows” (in my german Windows version it is the third one from the bottom).
Uncheck that and the wordcount bar should be nice and static.

As I said, it worked for me under Windows 7 (on my desktop) and Windows Vista (on my laptop), but since I am not exactly a Windows expert I don’t give any guarantees. :wink:

Oh, LilianEve, you are a genius and a lifesaver! Thank you!

I’m hoping that fix doesn’t impact anything useful on my win7 machine, but it sure fixed that horribly irritating pulsing green bar. I’d changed my target to “some number less than my current word count” to avoid that distracting thing.

If it has any unpleasant side effects, I’ll just turn it off for writing, and then turn it back on when I’m done. :slight_smile:

LilianEve, thank you very much :wink:

This does work, on my Windows 7 with Scrivener 1.6 Beta.

Presumably it’s easy to turn this off on a component basis, when they get to it. Around floods, cyclones, real work time, real time off, and so forth…!

Regards to each,

We changed it off for XP, so I guess we can do to the same for Vista and Win 7 at some stage.