DISTRAUGHT! All text VANISHED - lost forever after compile

I started up Scrivener for Windows.
I noticed my version was out of date so downloaded the update.
I clicked INSTALL and kept working on Scrivener, saving all the time, as is my habit.
No messages popped up so I assumed the updates were installing in the background and did not think about it further.
I completed the entire project which consisted of 11 documents in a folder.
I compiled them once.
I changed the compilation parameters and compiled them again.
Both compilations worked, but when I returned to Scrivener all the documents were there but they were all blank except one. Ten out of the 11 documents had been wiped clean.
I have desperately tried to find the text but it has disappeared.
I tried restarting Scrivener but the docs are still blank.
All my hard work - gone!

I’ve retrieved the text from the compiled document but it was still an unnerving experience.

I saw something like this once. It was caused by some bug in the Windows version (I think) when opening a project created on the Mac. I fixed it by holding down ALT while selecting Save->Save and rebuild Search indexes. If you have a backup of your project with the blank documents, you might try that to see if it was the problem.

21firewire - I’m relieved to know you’ve rescued your writing! I would like to figure out what happened here, though, as obviously this is disconcerting. Compile shouldn’t at all affect the text in the project itself, so that may even be a red herring, but could you let me know what format you used for compile and whether you had only compiled those 10 documents that were empty when you returned to Scrivener from Word? (Sounds like you compiled all 11, but I just want to double-check.) Did you close Scrivener at any point during the process? The updates would download in the background after you’d clicked OK for that, but following that you’d need to click a few times to OK the installation and Scrivener would have to get closed for the installation to complete. Do you know if you originally installed Scrivener as an administrator to a protected location (e.g. Program Files) and whether you regularly run Scrivener (and thus downloaded the updates) as a standard or admin user? I’m assuming you didn’t get any error messages at any point–e.g. saying that Scrivener couldn’t load a file or such–but if you did, please let me know the wording as best you can remember it.

Finally, as roberdguthrie suggests, you may have a backup with the blank documents as well–for instance, if you have the automatic backup settings still on the defaults, you’d get a full project backup every time you closed, so if you had closed and reopened the project after the documents were wiped and before restoring from the compiled document, you may still have that copy of the project in your backups folder (accessible via the button in the “Backup” tab of Tools > Options…)–it’s a bit late at this point, so if you’ve been working in the project a lot since this happened, it’s probably been replaced by a more recent good copy. If you do have a copy, though, would you be willing to send that to windows.support AT literatureandlatte DOT com so I can take a look? It may be an indexing problem, as suggested, or there may be some other indication inside the folder as to what happened with the files.