Dividing Work

Is it possible to divide a single scrivener project into two?
What I mean is, I started writing a story and now I have a part that I want to develop on its own. I realize I could simply copy and paste, but I was wondering if there’s some sort of magic button that will just do it for me :smiley:

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • File->Save As, then delete the portions no longer relevant to each copy (Do a File->Back Up->Back Up To… first, just to be safe!)

  • Create a new blank project; keep both open and drag binder items from the first project to the new one, then delete those files from the original.

  • Create a new project and use File->Import->Scrivener project, then delete and rearrange the imported documents as necessary.

I’d go with the first one if there’s a lot of material from the first that will go to the second project. Try the second option if you have a relatively small amount of material to transfer to the new project.

Thanks for replying!
That’s what I ended up doing; creating a copy and then deleting the unwanted portion.