Division of document into sections

Presently, inside Draft (and Research) there are two levels: the group level and the document level. Sometimes I wonder if it would make sense to add a third level, which I shall call here section level. Especially in the case of long documents, this would make it possible to quickly move up and down parts of it; moreover, it would make it possible to survey in a quick glance the structure of a long and complex document.

Did a similar idea come to others’ minds too, or is it totally absurd? Don’t shoot at me, Keith! I just want to know how you and others think about this.


Right, what Maria said. You could probably have a project with 56 levels, if you wanted. I’ve never tried it though, so I’m not promising anything. :slight_smile: The trick to remember is that creating a new document or group when the selection is on a Group will always create a child. When the selection is on a Document, it will create a sibling. But, that does not mean you cannot drag a document beneath another one, or a group beneath a document for that matter.

There is no limit to how you can arrange your project. To make your fourth level, simply drag the new section document on top of an existing “chapter” level document, until it is outlined, and then let go. It will turn the “chapter” document icon into something resembling a stack of papers.

You can also use the shortcut keys located in the Reorganise menu to convert siblings into children, and so forth. You might also find the “Group” function useful. Try selecting a range of chapters, group them, and see what happens. Instant Part I. :slight_smile:

Maria and AmberV have already answered this brilliantly, but essentially, three levels is really easy. You would have groups, then beneath that, you would have documents into which you have dragged other documents (so that they now look like stacks of paper in the binder), and beneath that, normal documents. Scrivener is designed so that you can have as many levels as you want - that was the whole point!

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Very nice! Scrivener is full of unsuspected possibilites!

Yet while the groups or folders of a higher level do indeed contain those of a lower level, the documents of a higher level don’t really contain those of a lower level, which are merely ‘under’ them.

It would be nice to know in which cases Scrivener users find it practical to place certain documents ‘under’ certain other documents instead of beside them.

I am not quite sure I follow what you are getting at. I think you are saying that Groups may “contain” groups and documents, but Document Stacks do not really contain anything? Are you speaking philosophically, or as a technical limitation?

As far as I can see, there is no technical limitation to how you can stack things in the Binder, and the concept of “containment” is only useful as a shortcut to certain Edit Scrivening modes and during export, when you can isolate portions of the Draft. Except in only a few areas, there is no functional difference between Groups and Documents. For all practical purposes, they are an aesthetic difference with segregated abilities in the Export phase. You can have groups beneath document stacks, whatever, in no way does Scrivener say “you cannot place that item there,” with the exception of saved searches, and the three special sections Notes, Draft, and Trash – they are all bound to the top level.

As far as my preferred usage goes, see my thoughts in response to this thread.